The Best Way to Pack a Pair of Shoes in Your Luggage

When you are on a business trip or a wedding, you will need a beautiful pair of dress shoes. Here’s how to pack them without scratching or breaking your skin.

You can just carry them on the plane, but they are not the most comfortable thing to carry with you on a five-hour flight. Whether you want to pack them in your suitcase or continue, this video from the Travel + Leisure YouTube channel demonstrates how to pack dress shoes to keep them pretty and pretty. Roll up your socks, underwear and maybe T-shirts and tuck them into your shoes. This saves space and keeps the shoes from breaking with other things. Place them in your luggage first ( because you want to pack from heaviest to lightest ) and then wrap softer items around them so that nothing will scratch that shiny smooth surface.

How To Pack Men’s Dress Shoes | Youtube


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