Replace the Sugar in Your Coffee With a Chocolate Square for a Decadent Sweet Treat

A good cup of coffee can be a necessary start to the day or a healthy treat, depending on how you prepare it, and if you want a dessert coffee or drink with an unusual taste, don’t buy the mixture – just toss in the chocolate square. If you really like it, choose a flavorful one.

Place a chocolate square, be it plain chocolate, dark chocolate, or a chocolate square with a decadent filling (like the salted caramel featured in the Food Network video here), on the bottom of your mug. Then pour hot coffee into the mug. Wait a minute for the chocolate to melt, then mix it with the coffee, stirring gently.

That’s all there is to it. Your drink will be as sweet as adding sugar and with a delicious chocolate flavor. Watch the demo in the video above (skip to 1:30).

Tips To Improve Your Coffee | Food chain


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