Microsoft Hub Keyboard Quickly Copies Information From Other Apps, No App Switching Required

Android: It’s quite difficult to switch from the app you are in just to get some information in another embed app. Microsoft’s new Android keyboard, called the Hub Keyboard, removes this inconvenience and also includes a translation tool.

The icons at the top of the keyboard provide quick access to your contacts, OneDrive files, and the clipboard, so you can click and search for the information you want without leaving your current application. Ideal if you need to write someone a friend’s phone number or if there is information in the report that you want to easily copy into an email.

The Translate button allows you to convert the text to another language, and the bulletin board icon gives you a list of previously copied texts to choose from.

Experimental group Microsoft Garage has been actively releasing new apps for Android and iOS lately. This option is worth trying if you hate switching between apps.

Microsoft Garage Hub Keyboard makes multitasking easy from a single screen on your mobile device | Microsoft via The Verge


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