Automate Your Rent With Your Bank Bill Payment Feature

If your landlord only accepts rent by check, this is just one extra thing to remember each month. However, your bank can help you automate this process.

If you’re renting from a large property management company, they can accept online payments. Or you can talk to your landlord and arrange a direct deposit yourself . However, this is not for all tenants. If your landlord doesn’t want to give you his bank information or prefers paper checks, the redditor thanks him, explaining that it’s easy enough to get around. Use your bank’s bill payment feature to issue a paper check to your landlord every month.

Business Insider confirms:

Most banks offer this, and these days you don’t have to bring in a company or utility provider to do a manual check for a person.

While the setup process differs from bank to bank, essentially all you have to do is enter the landlord’s name, address, and other contact information. under the Payments tab, then tell the bank how often to write a check (bi-monthly, weekly, etc.)

If you are not sure if your bank offers this service, just give it a call.

This is such an obvious way to use this feature, but it never crossed my mind, and it probably never crossed your mind. It’s easy enough to keep writing your rent every month, but if you can automate the process, why not give it a try? For more information, skip to the full post below.

There is a smarter way to pay your landlord than by mailing your checks | Business Insider


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