Why Show Compassion for Yourself Is so Important

Bad habit, which is shared by many of us is that we talk a lot … with yourself. Admitting our mistakes can be rewarding and productive, but constantly thinking that nothing we do is ever good enough – well, not very good. It is a powerful reminder that we all need more self-love.

Many of us lack self-compassion or tend to be a little kinder to ourselves. This adorable animated video from School of Life teaches some real truths about achievement and failure to help you stop being so hard on yourself.

The video helps you realize that it’s okay and humanly to screw things up, not because you suck or something worse than you should. For all the focus on what “success” looks like, smaller, undetectable, day-to-day failures are the norm. Yes, even luck plays a role in getting opportunities that lead to good. And what is the most important thing to remember? You are not your only achievement.

Self-compassion | School of Life


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