Visit a Real Bank From Time to Time to Improve Your Finances

Did you know there are people inside this building connected to your ATM? They are also useful for more than just withdrawals. Go inside from time to time and talk to them. Perhaps they can help.

As the personal finance site The Financial Diet explains, bank employees can usually help you with more than just simple transactions. The problem is that we try not to follow through or understand how they can help, because most of us no longer have a reason to go inside a building. From time to time, going inside the building, you can plunge into your financial life:

Every payday I go to my bank and withdraw the cash I need to cover all of my expenses for the next two weeks, including my savings goals. Yes, I do communicate with real people at the bank, and not just push buttons at the ATM. I do this because I need certain bills, but the experience of visiting the bank every two weeks also helps me financially. All processes are personalized – now that I know bank tellers, I feel a certain responsibility. And it prompts me to ask the questions that I put off: I was able to switch to a credit card without interest within a year and with a much lower interest rate than the card I was using. I would not have known about this card if I had not regularly visited the bank. Plus, the free Jolly Ranchers owners are a big plus!

Aside from things like being able to lower interest on credit cards, the author found that while inside the building, he just felt more connected to their finances. When you look at the people who manage your money and have to work to withdraw money from your account, you are less likely to feel that this is something you want to do on a whim.

Everything I learned using only cash for 60 days in a row | Financial Diet Via Rockstar Finance


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