Stick to a Diet, Offering to Bring the Dish to Lunch or a Party

If your diet is restricted, it can make it difficult to accept dinner or party invitations when the host is unaware of the intricacies of your diet. Here’s an easy and polite way to safely follow your diet and still enjoy your companionship.

If you have severe food allergies, are vegetarian, or are simply trying to eat healthier foods, your diet should not exclude you from social gatherings. To make life easier for both you and the owner, Food52’s Marian Bull invites you to bring something you know you can eat:

The easiest thing for both parties is if, after politely accepting the invitation, you immediately offer to bring a dish of your own preparation: Can I bring something? Maybe a good grain salad? Since I am a vegan, I usually suggest cooking something I can eat. Supplant the explanation with a sentence …

This will help you and your host to avoid the awkward moment of being served dinner and realizing that you cannot eat it. The host doesn’t have to do something special just for you, and if they ask about your dietary restrictions, you can explain without feeling guilty. Just make sure you earn enough so that others have a little too.

Dear Food52: How can I stay in the community by following a special diet? | Food52


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