Pocket Will Be Delivering Sponsored Content to Non-Premium Users Soon

Pocket, one of our favorite reading apps later on , has long been free to use with no ads. However, soon sponsored content will show up among your posts unless you are a premium user.

A recent announcement from Pocket Blog explains that the sponsored content will be “quality” and ideally fun to read. Plus, you’ll always know if you’re seeing a sponsored post or not. All sponsored content will be clearly marked to distinguish it from other elements in your Pocket app. You can also hide any individual sponsored posts you don’t like and leave a review so you don’t get bombarded with what you hate. Of course, if you subscribe to Pocket Premium ($ 5 a month or about $ 3.75 a month if you subscribe for a year), you can remove sponsored content entirely. You can find out more at the link below.

Creating a pocket for the future | Pocket Blog Via Android Police


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