Look for These Materials for the Softest Towels Available

In the store, the towel may seem soft, but that does not mean it will remain soft after washing. If you want towels that are soft throughout the life of the towel, materials such as rayon, pima, and Egyptian cotton are best.

Consumer Reports’ Kimberly Janeway asked Pat Slaven, a local textile engineer, what materials shoppers should look for in their towels. Slaven recommends towels made from rayon, pima, or Egyptian cotton as their yarns are silky smooth and less prone to fluffiness. These materials are also highly absorbent. It’s also important that you don’t feel lonely in the store. According to Slaven, manufacturers coat their towels with a fabric softening coating that makes them look very soft in the store, but they wash quickly after you wash them . You can find more tips for buying towels at the link below.

How To Choose Durable Bath Towels | Consumer reports


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