Is It Better to Be a Freelancer or Employee?

Freelancing or working full time as an employee? This is a simple question that is difficult to answer. Each work situation has its own advantages and disadvantages, so we want to hear from you.

What are we looking for

Yeah, this is another fiery war . We hope to spark some fun discussions and see what arguments both sides have to offer. So put on your safety gear, dive into the discussions below, and have fun! Just keep in mind that we are using the term “flaming war” out of mockery: in fact, we will be looking for polite, well-reasoned and well-articulated arguments that can be used in our subsequent actions.

It’s hard to do, but you probably have your own opinion one way or another. Have you faced this dilemma before or not, which one do you think is better and, most importantly, why?


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