Check Oven Temperature With Pillsbury Cookies

Your oven temperature display can deceive you. Some ovens run hotter or colder than their reading. One delicious way to find out: make Pillsbury cookies.

This advice comes from Michael Roelman, who discussed frying on WNYC’s Leonard Lopate Show. Rulman says the Pillsbury cookie recipes have been rigorously tested, so if a tray of cookies comes out undercooked or overcooked – after you follow the directions exactly – you’ll know if your temperature is slightly low or high.

You can also find out where the hot and cold spots are in the oven by looking at the doneness of the cookies, as if you were testing a toast roast.

If you want a more scientific way to measure the temperature of your oven, you can use some sugar to test it, or, of course, the oven thermometer you trust. But at least with the cookie method, you get results.

Roasting bragging | WNYC via Splendid Table


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