Learn the Basics of SMD Soldering on a Small Scale

For most of us, soldering electronics means soldering through-hole components that are large and easy to handle. However, when machines create components, they use ” surface mount components ” that are much smaller. On YouTube, Adafruit demonstrates how to handle these tougher SMD components.

If you’ve ever had to solder a consumer product, you know that surface mount components cannot be handled by human hands. However, this is possible if you have the right tools and a little patience. Basic tools for surface mount soldering include a sharp tip soldering iron, tweezers, magnifier, solder wick, solder suction cup and thin solder. The video shows you how to solder several different tiny ICs to the board and how to use your tools effectively. If you’ve ever looked at a small electronics board and were confused as to how the hell you should solder anything to it, this video will really help.

Collin’s Lab: SMD Soldering | Youtube


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