Airfoil 5, the AirPlay Audio Streaming App, Adds Bluetooth Support, Speaker Groups and More

Windows / Mac: Airfoil is a great way to send audio from your computer to AirPlay devices. Now he does a lot more.

The new version of Airfoil has the ability to stream audio from your computer to Bluetooth speakers or headphones. It also allows you to create speaker groups, which essentially allows you to divide all the different speakers in your home into different zones. The new group feature also includes things like custom EQ presets, the ability to hide speakers, and the ability to customize sync settings. As with most developer software, you can try this new version for free, although the sound quality drops after 10 minutes. Otherwise, it’s $ 29 for a license or $ 15 for the previous version.

Airfoil 5 (trial / $ 29 / $ 15)


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