Why You Should Never Wash or Store Contact Lenses With Water

Water is great for washing most things, but not for your contacts unless you want to catch an eye infection. This is why you should never clean or store contact lenses with water and why you should always use the cleaning solution recommended by your eye doctor.

This video from the YouTube channel Reactions explains that a contact-related infection can potentially blind you, and these types of infections are more likely to occur when you store or clean your contacts in water. Even if you use drinkable water, it still contains germs and bacteria that now live on your contact lenses. Your stomach and eyes are good at handling these germs, but contact is a game changer when it comes to eye protection. Contacts can interfere with the immune response of the eyes, and they interfere with the movement and mixing of your tears. Inadequate care of contacts not only introduces bacteria into the eyes, but also gives bacteria an advantage. Therefore, never let water mix with your contacts, no matter how clean they are. The CDC also recommends following this checklist to maintain eye health and contact lens freshness.

You are cleaning your contacts incorrectly (possibly) | Youtube


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