Store Your Cleaning Products Where You Really Need Them

If you store several cleaning products in the areas where you will use them, you will probably use them more often.

I recently brought my mail and threw it on the table by the front door when I noticed how dirty the window on the door was. I didn’t do anything about it right then because my cleaning products were in the laundry and of course I forgot about it later. I didn’t do a 10 second job because getting what I needed turned it into a 5 minute job.

I decided to start storing a small supply of cleaning products in various locations near where I actually used them to see if that mattered. And so it was. I put a tiny spray bottle with some Windex and a microfiber cloth in my mail desk drawer, and with a minimum of effort, my front windows are now always clean. I did the same thing in other rooms of the house, and for such a stupid simple idea, it made a lot of difference.


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