Karma Kills the Neverstop Unlimited Plan, Introduces Pulse, the Big Data and Unlimited Subscription

Karma, one of our favorite mobile hotspots , had issues with their Neverstop unlimited data plan and are killing it completely today. Fear not: they introduce Pulse, a high-bandwidth plan with no cap if that’s your style.

After initially slowing down and then changing course and introducing data limits instead, Karma announced today that they are dropping the Neverstop plan altogether and replacing it with Pulse, a higher bandwidth option for people with high data or more device needs. unite.

Pulse offers recurring monthly data subscriptions in 5GB ($ 40), 10GB ($ 75), and 20GB ($ 140) bundles, all offering 6-8 Mbps speeds, peaking at 25 Mbps / s and never decreases. If you upgrade, you will pay $ 15 per GB and any additional data you purchase that will not be used will be credited to your account within the next month. You can connect up to 8 devices to your account, and every person you share your device with will receive 100 MB of data for free, as well as a $ 1 credit, as is the case with Karma.

Karma says they are killing Neverstop because the service’s purpose was not to worry about how much data you were using, and all the changes and throttling made that even more worrisome. Pulse also offers more connected devices and faster speeds than Neverstop, but Pulse is still a bigger gap than its basic Fuel Up plan , which is more of a pay-as-you-go / pay-as-you-go service (and, full disclosure, I am happy to use and will stick to.)

You can read more about the announcements at the links below. If you are currently a Neverstop subscriber, check your account – Karma says you will complete your cycle normally and then automatically upgrade to the Pulse 5GB plan.

Hello Pulse | Karma Goodbye Neverstop | Karma


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