Imagine Squeezing Underarm Juice to Improve Deadlift.

During the deadlift, you run the risk of injury if you allow your upper back to round out from the strain of lifting the weight off the floor. The trick is to keep your body tense and tense, so to do this, pretend you are drinking the juice in your armpits. Sounds crazy, but it works.

When you do deadlifts, your upper back can be rounded for a number of reasons. This is usually because the weight is too heavy, the muscles in the upper back are weak and / or you are not keeping your body “tense” enough. Tony Gentilcore, strength and conditioning coach at Cressey Sports Performance , invites you to pretend that you are squeezing an orange under your armpit for the entire rep, as if you are making orange juice.

Tightness is critical as it provides stability during the lift, but also helps protect your spine. The video above from Unapologetically Powerful Girls demonstrates how to turn on a line from start to finish.

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