Outlook Got a New Design, Tons of Third-Party Integrations Added

Microsoft is releasing a major update for Outlook.com that includes an overhaul of the interface, as well as integrations with a number of services that add additional functionality.

The new paint coat is probably familiar if you’ve used the Office 365 or Windows 10 versions of Outlook. It’s not entirely different from the old interface, but the redesigned design leaves room for all the new functionality. For example, you can now edit Office documents right in your email, add GIFs from Giphy, send a Yelp review in an email, add tasks to Wunderlist instantly, and easily open Skype right in Outlook. Compared to the old interface, there is a lot more going on here and it looks cluttered afterwards, but it looks like most of the new features are optional.

In terms of actual email management, Outlook now supports inline replies, adds “mentions” to tag people, and has a new contact system to help organize. Head over to the Office Blog for a long list of all what’s new.

Outlook.com Beats Preview and Better Than Ever | Office Blogs


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