Install a Hurry up and Eat Shelf in Your Kitchen to Avoid Food Waste

We spend a lot of food , but with a little meal planning and creativity, it’s easy enough to avoid food waste and eat whatever you buy. To make it even easier, Apartment Therapy offers a “quick food” shelf for your kitchen.

Apartment therapy explains:

Make a quick-to-eat shelf in your kitchen. Make it visible. Sometimes what goes wrong is just hidden behind everything else.

Yes, this is an incredibly simple idea. But if you are anything like me, all of your food that is about to expire is scattered throughout your pantry and refrigerator. All of them in one place makes it easy to see what you are working with. This way, you can quickly find recipes based on these ingredients .

Place this shelf next to the front of your refrigerator or pantry and you’ll also have a daily visual reminder to eat soon-to-expiration foods. For more tips, see the full post on Apartment Therapy.

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