Don’t Go to the Store If You Don’t Know What You Are Buying.

You wanted to buy one apple and released a new 4K TV. How did it come about? Impulse buying. We all have an impulse to buy something. If you want to break this habit, don’t even go to the store until you know what exactly you are buying.

As personal finance site Money Ning explains, impulse buying is not a habit that can be easily fixed with sheer willpower. Of course, you could explore these fancy gadgets or browse the racks without buying anything. However, if impulse buying is your weakness, the longer you sit on store shelves without a plan, the more likely you are to spend money you didn’t plan to spend. Instead of trusting the judgment of your future in the face of temptation, simply don’t walk into a store without a plan for what you’re going to buy:

Thus, curbing momentum often boils down to avoiding places where you are more likely to break down and give in to momentum. Pay attention to where you are when you make most impulse purchases, and be on your guard. List shopping and adherence to the list can also help you reduce impulse purchases.

If you can’t make a list before heading to the store, give yourself an impulse budget. Ask yourself how much you can spend without breaking your bank. Once you know this number, stick to it. Don’t decide how much you can “afford” while you have a tempting deal in front of you. Plan ahead before walking through the door.

How do you manage your impulse purchases? | Ning’s money


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