Find the Best Amazon Deals by Finding Out What Other Customers Have Bought

Amazon usually has pretty low prices. However, sometimes there are better deals that are not in the search results. How easy is it to find these hidden gems? When you look at an item, look at what other customers have bought.

In Rather Be Shopping, Kyle James explains:

When doing specific searches, one of the most secret ways to save money on Amazon is to always dig a little deeper and not buy the first item that comes up. This is especially true of consumer electronics, which sell for over $ 100. Always review the Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought Carousel and the Promotional Products Related to This Item carousel located on the individual product page. You will often find a cheaper version of the same model sold by a third party or the actual manufacturer.

This is a fairly simple piece of advice. It just requires you to view this section after the item description when you are already on the item page. To find out more, head over to James’ full post.

8 Little Known Amazon Money Saving Secrets | Rather be shopping


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