Do Not Throw Away the “burnt” Brown Oil, It Tastes Good

If you’ve ever cooked brown butter, you’ve probably hovered cautiously over the stove, afraid to retreat to return to an almost black mess. Fortunately, even if this “disaster” does hit you, this brown oil of the past has its uses.

You see, brown oil is not one thing. Like many of us, it contains many people. There are actually three types of brown oil: golden brown, brownish brown, and very dark brown (almost black). The former two are great for hearty salads, fried vegetables, or pasta, but the latter lives on for baking. Chilled and kneaded butter imparts a nutty, toasted and slightly smoky flavor to the dessert, making it an ideal accompaniment to caramel, toffee and apples. (And after thinking this isn’t baked goods, I bet it would be great to mix with homemade ice cream.)

3 Types of Brown Butter You Should Know | Bon appetit


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