Create an Incentive to Keep Your Home Cleaner by Inviting People to Visit You More Often.

If no one ever sees your home, there is little incentive to keep it clean. If you need to learn how to clean properly, you can force yourself to clean up by asking people to come regularly.

If you want to get better by keeping your home tidy, MEL Magazine’s Stephanie Georgopoulos suggests that you invite people to your humble home more often. Organize movie nights, dinners, make your home a place to relax for traveling friends and family, and make your place a pre-play venue before your night city trip. When you know people will be sitting in your living room, using your bathroom, and mixing drinks in your kitchen, you will feel a little more inclined to maintain a decent level of cleanliness. Not to mention the fact that people will love you because you are always ready to receive guests. In addition, as Georgopoulos explains, the presence of people gives you the opportunity to clean up before they arrive and after they leave. Developing new habits is about repetition, so start sending out these invitations.

How To Clean Your Home For Maximum Social Acceptability (And Minimum Effort) | MEL Magazine


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