Upgrade Your Oven for Perfect Roasted Vegetables

Mixing vegetables with olive oil, salt and pepper and then tossing them in a 400-degree Fahrenheit oven is often the best way to bake them, but lowering the temperature results in perfectly cooked vegetables that you can’t stop eating.

Roasting vegetables at 250 degrees (Fahrenheit, 121 degrees Celsius) can help you cook larger chunks (such as a whole carrot or half a cauliflower) without the risk of scalding on the outside if the inside is undercooked. Amiel Stanek from Bon Appetit explains what you get in return:

We mean dry-roasting these vegetables with a little olive oil, a good amount of salt and a little chili for good measure – in the oven at 250 ° C until the outside is completely wrinkled and the inside is tender and tender. creamy texture. It is not so much about adding harsh brown notes, but about concentrating natural aromas, as a result of which vegetables acquire a distinct and delicious taste.

Vegetables prepared this way are not only incredibly tasty in themselves, but also great for mashed potatoes or soups, as they add cream without the smell of sticking.

Stop roasting vegetables in a hot oven | Bon appetit


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