Make a Foldable Water Cup or Dog Bowl With Duct Tape

Collapsible cups and bowls make it easy for you and your dog to drink water on the go. You can buy them from the store, or you can just make your own with a little duct tape.

This video from HouseholdHacker YouTube shows you how to make a cup or dog bowl that you can fold and put in your pocket. Take a bottle of wine or liquor (or something larger for a dog bowl) and tape the bottom of the outside with duct tape. Make sure the sticky side is facing outward so that no glue will get on the “inside” of the cup. Lay the strands of electrical tape, as shown in the video, until there are holes through which liquid can flow. Then repeat everything, but this time with the right side inward. Once you have covered all the sticky parts, simply peel it off the bottom of the bottle. Check it for leaks, fix the holes found and that’s it. You have a portable foldable cup or bowl that you can take with you wherever you go.

Simple life hacks with duct tape | Youtube


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