Convert an Old T-Shirt Into a DIY Cat Tent

If you have an old T-shirt and a few wire hangers all over your house, you have what it takes to make a tent for your cat in about ten minutes. Sure, you want your cat to have toys, but cat accessories are not cheap and will end up in an empty box anyway. Make your own.

This project takes about ten minutes and all you need is:

  • Medium T-shirt (or larger if you have a big cat or just want a bigger tent)
  • Two wire hangers
  • A 15 “x 15” (or larger) piece of cardboard.
  • Nippers
  • Safety pins
  • Masking or masking tape

When you have all the supplies you need, cut the hangers where they meet to form a hook. Fold them into a U shape diagonally across the cardboard. Tape the folds with tape to reinforce the cardboard, then punch holes in each corner and insert the ends of the hangers into each hole so that they intersect the middle of the cardboard. Tie the hooks with tape at the intersections, then fold them in the corners and secure with tape. Place the entire structure in the shirt so that the opening for the neck creates an entrance on one side. Flip the tent over, tighten the bottom and sleeves tightly, then pin them to the rest of the shirt to keep them safe and out of the way.

You can customize your tent by cutting out a larger neck hole for easy access, placing a cardboard bottom with a blanket or cat bed, or tossing your kitten’s favorite toy inside. For step-by-step visual instructions, click the link below.

DIY cat tent | Instructables


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