Check the Efficiency Rating of Your PC’s Power Supply to Keep Your Energy Costs Down

If you’re building a high-powered PC gaming rig , you might need a high power supply. However, some PSUs use more power than others. Here’s how to find out where yours is.

This video from Linus Tech Tips demonstrates how much power each PSU draws from the wall, i.e. not much. Most higher wattage PSUs do not consume significantly more power than smaller PSUs.

However, the load you put on the power supply can have a larger impact. A lower wattage power supply may become less efficient as you get close to 100% of the load the power supply can handle. This means that using 100% of a lower wattage PSU may result in more power loss than using 50% of the load capacity of a larger PSU. Watch the full video to learn more about how to make your installation as energy efficient as possible and hopefully save some money on your electricity bill.


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