15 Ways to Cope With Stress and Learn to Relax

Stress takes a heavy toll on your mind and body , but whether it’s momentary stress or chronic stress , you’re not helpless. This graphic presents 15 compelling stress management tips, some of which are working in the moment, while others are helping to cope with the daily stressors that we all have to deal with.

Some of these suggestions from the folks at Business Insider are healthy ones that we highlighted earlier, such as taking some time to breathe deeply and trying to get rid of anything that bothers you. Other great suggestions are getting enough sleep (because lack of sleep exacerbates stress) and avoiding sleep when you have the opportunity. Perhaps what I enjoy the most is making a game plan: it is better to be in control of a stressful situation than to live with the feeling that you have no control and you can do the world for good by making even an overwhelming situation feel controlled. …

Check out the full image below or the link below.

15 Ways To Deal With Business Insider Stress


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