Best Beer Pairs for Seven Different Girl Scout Cookies

How to take something that is already tasty and make everything delicious out of it? Beer. If you like Girl Scout cookies and also love brewing beer, you can pair them together and beer expert Julia Herz will suggest her pairing options.

Hertz is director of the craft beer program at the Brewers Association and publisher of In the New York Daily News, she offers beer pairings for seven Girl Scout cookies . Here are a few highlights:

Thin Mint: This popular mint-flavored cookie dipped in chocolate allows you to make a coffee or chocolate-infused stout or porter, such as the Great Divide Brewing Co.’s Imperial Yeti Stout Aged in Chocolate Oak. – says Hertz.

SAMOAS: Caramel and toasted coconut rings drizzled with chocolate call for a Belgian quadrupel (like Salvation strong dark ale from Russian River Brewing Company) or American brown ale like Brown Ale from Brooklyn Brewery.

TAGALONG: This cookie combines peanut butter and chocolate. “They are very rich, so Belgian-style Dubbelts or fours are ideal,” says Hertz. Or try a brown ale brewed with coffee or chocolate, such as Face Down Brown Ale from Telluride Brewing Co.

If you want more, go to the full list at the link below.

Best Beer for a Couple with Girl Scout Cookies | New York Daily News


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