Open Syllabus Project Shows Which Books Students Are Most Assigned in College

Looking for new books, or just wanting to know if you missed out on any college classics? The Open Syllabus Project can help you on both fronts.

The project collected over 1 million curricula to identify which books (or textbooks) were needed or recommended for reading in colleges and universities. Obviously useful for teachers and others planning courses, but it’s also an interesting resource for all of us.

If you click on one of the headings, you will see other headings that have been assigned along with the text. As such, a popular name can lead you to those you haven’t come across before.

Quartz has an article that lists the most frequently asked texts in the top ten US colleges . On this list , Plato’s Republic comes first, and Thomas Hobbes’s Leviathan comes second, but also by college.

Go study some curriculum.

Open Syllabus Project


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