Change Launcher Layout in OS X With Terminal Command

Don’t like Launchpad’s standard five-by-seven grid for displaying apps? Defaults-write indicates that you can change it to pretty much anything you want with a terminal command.

As you would expect, here you need two terminal commands, one for columns and one for rows. So, start by opening Terminal (Applications> Utilities). Then, for the columns, enter the following command, replacing X with whatever number you like:

 by default we write springboard-columns -int X

Then you will do the same for the lines, again replacing the number of your choice with X:

 by default write springboard-rows -int X

When you’re done, restart Launchpad with this command:

 by default we write ResetLaunchPad -bool TRUE; killall dock

And that’s it, your Launchpad is customizable to your liking. Go to Default-write to find out more.

Change the layout (rows and columns) Launchpad | Default is write


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