Refresh Your Countertops With a Thin Layer of Concrete

Concrete countertops are strong and durable. You can make your own without crafting or lugging around giant concrete blocks. This video shows an outdoor project, but you can also update your kitchen countertops using the same technique.

Mike Montgomery of Modern Builds demonstrates the stripping technique in the video above. Here he uses a solid wood door and covers it with multiple (5) coats of Henry Feather Finish concrete. In this video, you will learn a few tips, including sanding the door first to prevent the concrete from seizing, patching up error marks, and how to get a smoother, not more rustic finish. There are text instructions on the link below.

This is for a summer kitchen, and it uses a food-unsafe finish (don’t eat off the counter or cut food right on top of it). For indoor use, look for a food safe sealant .

While this project takes time and does not give you the full strength of concrete slabs, you can cover countertops with a surface layer.

DIY Overhead Concrete Countertops | Modern builds


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