Make Yourself More Comfortable at Work With the Daily Pilots

The workplace is usually a professional environment, but no one wants to be a mindless drone all day. If you are uncomfortable showing your true colors at work, you can test the water with daily one-to-one tests.

If you are worried about how people will react to the “real” you, Dory Clarke, author of Reinventing You and Standing Out , invites you to gradually unfold your personality. Clarke explains in the Harvard Business Review :

… if you feel like doing your best at work, consider a little experiment in which you can test the water. For example, if you’re naturally funny but hold back your humor at work because “it’s not done yet” in your company, try making a few (carefully chosen) jokes one day. See what answer you get. Others seem to have noticed? Have you received any feedback, positive or negative? Talk to a trusted colleague for her opinion.

If the answer was yes or no, you can keep testing until you feel like you need to be yourself. However, if the answer is no, Clarke notes that your little tests won’t hurt you in the long run anyway, because you can always go back to how you were before. If you feel like you have nowhere to be yourself at work, and this is important to you, your job may not be suitable.

What to do if you are not comfortable at work | Harvard Business Review


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