Learn How to Make Your Writing More Fun With This Video Tutorial

Whether you want to tell stories, write a killer speech, or just make your memos less monotonous, humor is one of the best ways to engage your audience. In this video tutorial, you will find some practical tips you can apply to your writing to instantly make it funnier.

In this video from TED-Ed YouTube , Emmy-winning comedy writer Cherie Steinkellner shares her best tips for making your script more fun and engaging. Here are some key takeaways:

  • The more details you have in your story, the better. Specific details give you more room to joke.
  • Find a flaw in something or someone and play it out.
  • Challenge expectations and surprise your audience with opposites. Let the smartest character do something stupid. Or create an idea as if it were the best thing in the world, and then explain why it crashed and burned almost instantly.
  • Turn your horrific experiences into fuel for fun stories and heartbreaking jokes.

Everyone loves to laugh, so flex your funny muscles and turn your letter into something that people can’t get enough of. After all, you can’t write anything without adding a little humor.

How To Make Your Letter Funnier | Youtube


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