Manually Add RSS Feeds to Apple News

It doesn’t really look like Apple News has skyrocketed as much as Apple probably hoped, but if you only visit a few websites, it’s actually a pretty reliable RSS reader if you know how to use it properly.

When you first launch News, it seems like you can only browse and select Apple-approved sites and topics. But in reality, you can customize it to your liking in one of two ways:

  1. If you’re on a site in Safari, tap the Share icon a and scroll to Add to News in the bottom row (it might be hidden behind the More button if you haven’t added it. New will clear the current site, on which you are looking for the rss feed.
  2. If you’re already in the news, tap the search icon and find the site you want to add. If it’s popular enough, it will show up in search results.

If you tend to visit only a few sites, News – this is actually a reliable small RSS-reader, especially given the fact that such an application, like Reeder, for most people redundant .

How to Add RSS Feeds and Websites to Apple News on iOS | OS X Daily


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