Make Yummy Coriander Lime Chipotle Rice at Home

Chipotle may have reopened, but I wouldn’t blame you for being a little nervous about making a comeback considering everything that happened . Luckily, you shouldn’t miss the delicious cilantro and lime rice; you just need to do it at home.

The Kitchn recipe below (which works with white or brown basmati rice) is startlingly simple. In fact, you probably have most of the ingredients (lemons, limes, olive oil, cilantro, and bay leaf) already in your kitchen. They explain the secret:

The very long and thin grains of Basmati rice make things very light and fluffy. After the rice is cooked, a minimum amount of olive oil is added to it so that the grains are not separated (according to their website , Chipotle uses rice bran oil, although it is much more likely that you have olive oil in your pantry). There is also a balance that is achieved by adding rice to lime and lemon juice. Lime juice adds sweetness and light bitterness, and lemon juice gives a little sourness.

But the real secret of this famous rice is not what you think of it. This isn’t some special spice mix or magical way of cooking – it’s bay leaf. Add one slice to the rice as it cooks and it will give the end result an herbal, slightly spicy flavor that will make those lucky enough to dig into the rice wonder what it is.

So grab some rice and start cooking, then add black beans, carnitas, or whatever your loving bowl of burrito desires.

Recipe: Chipotle Imitation Rice | Kitchen


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