The Arrangement of the Cables on Your PC Probably Won’t Affect Its Cooling Performance

You may have heard somewhere that improper cable management inside your PC case can block fans and airways, resulting in higher temperatures for your CPU and GPU. This video tests this theory and proves that most midsize cases do a great job with or without proper cabling.

This test video from the LinusTechTips YouTube channel hosted by Luc Lafrenier shows just how little your internal cabling affects overall system cooling efficiency when you’re running a decent mid-sized computer case. After installing the baseline test, Lafrenier added a few cables for one test and then a whole mess of cables for another test, but there was no CPU or GPU temperature rise. Even after placing the stuffed animal, T-shirt, Santa hat, roll of duct tape and iron inside the PC case in addition to the cables (please don’t try this), the temperature still doesn’t change. …

Bottom line: Good cable management looks cool and makes your machine more organized and easier to operate, but it probably won’t affect performance in any way. A good case and the right cooling components are what really matters, no matter where you put your cables. Of course, as Lafrenier explains, the setup he uses in the video is already well designed for cooling, so take these tests with a grain of salt.

Cable Management – Does It Affect Cooling Efficiency? Generally? | Youtube


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