How Much Flavor You Get From Ginger Depends on How You Cut It.

Ginger can add a savory flavor and aroma to a dish, but depending on whether you grate, dice, or match, you can choose the level of strength your meal requires. This is what we mean.

Chop fresh ginger into larger chunks to reduce the flavor in the entire dish (and more when you bite into it), or chop or grate it to enhance that spicy, peppery flavor and enhance the overall dish experience. For example, if you want to make ginger tea, you can use ginger chunks, which will not overwhelm the tea. For a sauce or dressing, grate the ginger to add presence and balance other strong flavors like soy sauce, not to mention add a ton of flavor to your dish.

Need to pick up a plate? Reach (ripe) ginger | Kitchen


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