Why Diet Is More Important Than Exercise for Weight Loss in One Video

If you want to lose weight, both diet and exercise are important. However, this does not mean that they are equally important. This video explains why dietary changes have a stronger effect on weight loss than exercise.

As we discussed in detail earlier, most of the calories you burn in a day are spent just keeping you alive . While you can burn calories through exercise, you don’t burn that much. The video above explains that running for 20 minutes burns around 200 calories. Whereas the average is 20 ounces. a bottle of cola contains 260 calories. If you could shed 200 calories by exercising for half an hour or drinking water at dinner, which would be easier in your opinion?

The video goes on to explain that exercise isn’t bad at all. There are many other health benefits that exercise brings that have nothing to do with weight loss. However, if your goal is to lose weight, quantifying how much you eat in a day will be a better first step than hitting the gym after this burger.

Exercise versus diet | AsapSCIENCE via Holy Kaw!


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