Insurify Makes It Easy and Simple to Compare Car Insurance Companies

Comparing auto insurers isn’t easy, but Insurify wants to make it as easy as entering a zip code. In a few minutes, you can compare rates or get a personal report with who would be the best choice for the insurance available.

The service allows you to enter your zip code, answer a few questions about where you live and what you drive, and what your driving record looks like, and you can compare rates from dozens of insurance companies depending on where you live (by the way , USA only). For a more personalized experience, take a photo of your license plate and sign up for Insurify beta for more personalized recommendations based on your region. While you can use this service to find and compare insurers across the country, the virtual agent feature is in public beta and is limited to a limited area, so keep that in mind before you sign up.

Like many services that promise “virtual” solutions to problems that often require human intervention, Insurify is more of a research tool at the moment than anything else, and that’s okay, although you can use the quotes they provide to navigate go to the insurer’s website and purchase a policy if you see a price you like. You can check out this service from the link below and try it out if you are looking for more affordable coverage. Just keep in mind when you buy insurance that a large price difference usually means a difference in coverage, so read the quotes carefully.



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