Focus on Simplifying Your Budget, Not Optimizing It

You can spend hours every day optimizing your budget so you don’t waste a penny. However, the time is not always worth the effort. Instead, focus on keeping your budget simple.

As personal finance site Afford Anything explains, making the best choice and making the best choice isn’t always the same thing. Spending ten minutes distinguishing a bad trade from a good one is time well spent. It is a waste of effort to spend ten hours distinguishing a big deal from a slightly larger one. Rather than dwelling on the best choices for each situation, simplify your budget so you have more time to focus on important decisions:

If you pay your monthly mental energy bill, you are not wasting that bandwidth with a waste of time and trivialities. You would only focus your energies on a few things that matter most. You would consider how you are spending this bandwidth. But here’s the thing: Your brain bandwidth is REALLY worth the money. It is one of the most expensive assets you own.

Once you start focusing on simplification, you can see where your decisions matter and where they don’t. It is worth spending a few hours analyzing a home loan. Wasting the same time looking for coupons for fifty cent laundry detergent is a waste of time. By keeping the basics simple, you can save mental energy where you need it most.

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