Leave Kitchen and Bathroom Doors Open to Prevent Water Pipes From Freezing

A tiny crack in a water pipe can be disastrous for your home, but it can be prevented if you take a few precautions, such as opening cabinet doors.

A rapid drop in temperature, poor insulation, or too low a thermostat setting can cause pipes to freeze and burst.

The below picture of a state farm shows three things you can do during a to prevent this from happening. These are some tips from Angie’s list , including this one:

In freezing weather, leave cabinet doors open under sinks in your kitchen or bathroom (especially if they are located against an outer wall) so that warmer air in the room can circulate through the pipes. You can also put a flashlight with an incandescent light bulb near the pipes. Be sure to remove all flammable substances from this area to prevent fire.

You may not need to do this if your home is constantly and well heated, but this should be kept in mind, at least for those of you snowbirds who close their homes in winter.

Freeze prevention pipes | Flickr


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