Watch How 30 Popular Life Hacks Are Tested in This Video

Not all life hacks are the same. In fact, some of them are just awful. This video tests 30 of them so you know which ones are even worth trying.

In this video from YouTube channel Mental Floss, presenter John Green, with wit, sarcasm and lots of humor, talks about 30 “life hacks” around the Internet. Some of them are downright gruesome and comically fail, such as turning the top of a pizza box into plates, ripping an apple open with bare hands after removing the stem, and karate chopping a watermelon. But some of them actually work pretty well, such as using a rubber band to open a jar of pickles , freezing onions before cutting them to stop crying , using a cake pan to trim corn on the cob, and using plastic package to make your smartphone beach-friendly . Some of Green’s attempts don’t go very far, such as when he half tries to peel a mango with a glass ( something we’ve tested for ourselves ), but it’s certainly fun to watch anyway.

30 other life hacks debunked, part. 4 | Youtube


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