Change Your Air Filters When You Move to a New Home

When you move into a new home, there is a lot to do, from unpacking to a sandwich for the holiday. One thing that’s easy to overlook? Change all those air filters.

Most homes have a lot of air filters, Bankrate points out. Most likely, many of them have not been replaced for a long time. Here are some of them they suggest to swap:

  • Aeration filters in kitchen and bathroom taps.
  • Air filter in the heating and air conditioning unit.
  • Ventilation filter above the stove.

… aerators cost about $ 7 each, and if deposits build up over the years, replacing them will improve the water pressure. Range vent filters can cost anywhere from $ 10 to $ 30, while heating and air filters are available for $ 5 to $ 30.

Next time you move to a new location, add this to your list. For other to-do items, check out Bankrate’s full post at the link below.

5 things to do right away when you move into your new home | Bank rate


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