Kegel Exercises: a Simple Method to Improve Orgasm

Ladies, do you want to increase your chances of orgasm? Want to intensify your orgasm? And all this with a minimum investment of time and effort? Then let me tell you all about your Kegel muscles.

What is Kegels in general?

The Kegel muscles (also known more formally as Pubococcygeus or PC muscles ) are located in the pelvis, stretching from the pubic bone to the coccyx like a hammock. Both men and women have them. Kegel muscles control the flow of urine and help to strengthen the core. In women, they help with childbirth. They also contract involuntarily during orgasm. Like any other muscle, Kegel muscles can be strengthened with exercise.

Kegel muscles can play a fairly large role in orgasm. Regular exercise can increase a woman’s likelihood of orgasm. And since Kegel muscle strength is tied to the strength of your orgasm, it can also intensify your orgasms, or even help you experience amazing squirting orgasms . Some very lucky ladies may even have an orgasm just from Kegel exercises (yowza).

Squeezing the Kegel muscles can also make the vaginal canal tighter. If your sex life involves any kind of penetration, tightening your muscles can lead to a pleasant feeling of fullness. This can be especially helpful for women who have experienced changes in their body after pregnancy. Squeezing the muscles can also cause a little internal stimulation of the clitoris, which is nice. If the penis is involved, squeezing the Kegel muscles will also give your partner extra stimulation.

Finally, regular Kegel exercises can also help reduce your chances of developing urinary incontinence. Knowing that you are not going to accidentally become a participant in water sports can be a big relief.

How to train Kegel muscles

If this all sounds awesome to you (it does), here’s the good news: Kegel muscle training is very easy. The easiest way to detect Kegel muscles is during urination. Sit on the toilet and start doing your thing. Before your bladder empties, try to stop the blood flow. The muscles you need to use to accomplish this task are Kegel muscles. You must pull up to squeeze them and release or push lightly to loosen them up. This contraction and relaxation is the core of the Kegel exercise.

There are two types of exercises that you may find useful: long holds and short impulses. First, try to tighten your Kegel muscles very slowly. Imagine the pelvic floor muscles moving up the floors. When you get to the point where you can no longer pull up higher, try to hold on for two seconds. Release slowly, at the same speed as when pulling up. Repeat this 10 times. Then, quickly squeeze and relax the Kegel muscles in short pulses. This mimics the rhythmic contraction of muscles during orgasm. Repeat this 30 times. Perform this procedure twice a day. Try to increase the hold time by one second each week for longer holds, bringing the total hold time to 10 seconds. (Keep the short pulses the same.)

You can also try this routine while masturbating. Insert your finger into your vagina to see how your muscles feel as they contract. Touch the clitoris while the Kegel muscles pulsate and see if you feel the inner stimulation of the clitoris. Long holds can create a pleasant, undulating sensation. Shorter pulses can increase the intensity, sometimes to the point where you bring you to orgasm.

If you’re really serious about Kegel training, there are several ways to improve your routine. If you tend to forget about repetitions or don’t know how to do exercises, there are many apps that will serve as your personal trainer. Kegel Trainer (Android) and Kegel Camp (iOS) are the two highest rated options. Both walk you through pre-programmed routines telling you when to squeeze and when to release. They will also send you daily workout reminders.

You can also purchase a set of Kegel weights, such as these Luna Beads from LELO . Just like the dumbbells or dumbbells you would use in the gym, Kegel weights intensify your exercises, strengthening your muscles even more. You can do your normal squeeze and ripple routine with the beads in place. Or you can just insert the beads and leave them while you go about your daily activities; your muscles will naturally squeeze the beads to hold them in place.

For Kegel exercises, you don’t have to drag your ass to the gym or look at your vintageJane Fonda videotape . They don’t take more than five minutes a day. No one will know that you are doing them, so you can do it at work, on a date, or during your vegetarianism with Netflix. With so much potential benefit and almost no effort, there is no reason not to do Kegel exercises every day.


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