Google Can Help You Validate Candidates During Debates, Show You Their Own Quotes

If you’ve watched the presidential debate and would like to quickly check candidate claims, Google can help you with that. Search results will now show candidates’ own words and quotes next to information on how to follow and keep up with what they are saying now.

Google tweaks its search results to include some of these useful results as soon as you search for a candidate or discuss. For example, if you search for “Fox News Debate,” you’ll see quotes, photos, and social posts from candidates in real time, as well as trends from other sites. In a post on the official Google blog :

Now people will have a new way to get information directly from the candidates themselves in real time – right in Google search results. This experimental feature helps voters make more informed choices and level the playing field for candidates so that they can share ideas and positions on issues they may not have had the opportunity to raise during debate. By posting detailed text, photos and videos during debates, campaigns can now provide detailed answers, answer questions they didn’t have a chance to ask on stage, and rebut their opponents.

In an email, a Google spokesperson explained that you will be able to read additional information from candidates based on their applications, including recently posted messages and photos, which will give them the opportunity to elaborate on what they didn’t have time to talk about. but also read the previous statements and posts they made on trending topics. Google will also highlight trending issues, social ratings, and more using Google Trends to help you sort out those claims or candidate positions on an issue of interest.

All in all, this is a great way to be aware of not only what political candidates are saying, but also what the conversation around their message looks like.

Update: This part has been updated to reflect that Google itself will not provide fact checking. They will not conduct third-party verification of candidates’ statements and do not promise to publish information that highlights conflicting statements by a candidate. The title and text have been changed to reflect this.

New Ways to Keep abreast of President’s Policy | Official Google Blog via The Next Web


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