All Settings That Can Be Switched Using Siri in IOS

Digging through system settings in iOS is tedious, but Siri lets you quickly toggle some of those settings a little faster.

Once you launch Siri, you can toggle the various settings, although which ones work and which don’t are a little confusing and inconsistent. Here are all the toggles we’ve found that can be toggled with Siri by saying “Off” or “On”:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Airplane mode (enabled but not disabled because Siri will stop working when enabled)
  • bluetooth
  • Increase / decrease screen brightness
  • Low power mode
  • Cellular data
  • Please do not disturb
  • Invert colors
  • VoiceOver

Fortunately, while which switches work and may not seem inconsistent, you can also always go directly to any setting in the Settings app by simply saying, “Open settings for [the setting you want].”


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