Why Chicken Broth Tastes Better Than Beef Broth

Even if your dish calls for beef broth, you might be surprised to know that you’ll get a much better taste if you use store-bought chicken broth instead. This is why you can skip store-bought beef broth from now on.

Canned or packaged beef broth should have a moisture-to-protein ratio of 135: 1, according to Serious Eats’ J. Kenji Lopez-Alt. This means that most of the beef broth you buy in the store contains almost no beef and yeast extracts provide most of the savory flavor. Lopez Alt advises to always consume chicken broth:

In most of the recipes we’ve tested, boxed chicken broth provides a much better flavor than packaged beef broth, even for traditional beef broth-based dishes like beef stew or onion soup. This is because, despite the lack of USDA minimum protein requirements, most packaged or canned chicken broths contain about 60 parts liquid per part protein, which is double that of beef broth.

More protein, more flavor. Of course, homemade beef broth is still very flavorful, so this only applies to store-bought varieties. However, if you can’t cook it yourself and absolutely need beef flavor for your dish, L√≥pez-Alt recommends using Better Than Bouillon beef base instead of store-bought beef broth. Otherwise, buy your favorite chicken stock from the store and use it in all your favorite recipes from now on. You can find out about other ingredients worth trading at the link below.

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