Ask the Expert: Everything About Fitness for the Common Man

Say hello to Steve Kumb who has been helping regular Joe and Jane lead healthier lives at Nerd Fitness since 2009. The Nerd Fitness community is focused on helping those of us who are not quite exercise gurus “improve our standard of living.”

For some people, this means gami cation of how you plan your goals, and for others, it’s just a matter of getting started, even if you don’t consider yourself a “fitness person”. And Steve has a new book, aptly titled Improve Your Living Standards, in which he outlines his principles for leading a healthier lifestyle. Have a question for Steve about how we board jockeys and gamers can start exercising? He’ll be here within the next hour, so ask!

These questions and answers have come to an end – thanks for the questions and Steve Cammb!


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