Think of Your Five Loved Ones When You Are Feeling Depressed.

Feeling overwhelmed in social situations is not uncommon, but you can deal with stress by thinking about the five people closest to you and how they will support you in this situation, whether you are dating someone new or speaking in front of someone. … group.

Instead of worrying about what a new friend or coworker thinks of you, think about five people you love and their opinions of you. Thinking about their supportive fluids can be just the mental stimulus you need. Chelsea Fagan of The Financial Diet explains how to use this to calm you down:

Simply put, I forced myself to think of people with five fingers, whose opinion of me is absolutely necessary, not only because I love them dearly, but also because I respect and value their judgments.

…. When I’m in a state of panic about what this impressive colleague might think, or what this not-so-cute girl said about me, I mentally go over these five people. They are family, friends, loved ones, but each of them has the key to feeling confident and confident in who and what I am. As long as they are happy with me and see me as the ever-improving, evolving person I aspire to be, that’s what matters.

Step away from the social situation that bothers you and remind yourself of the supportive and positive circles you already have. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to five people, but just think about who’s on your list will help.

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